Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia​

Nomads Fraser Island Tag Along Tour

Starting from

$509 AUD

Departure time

Departs: Noosa 6:30 AM – Monday, Wednesday, Saturday

Returns: Noosa 4:30 PM – Wednesday, Friday, Monday

*Departs Nomads Noosa & Eurong Beach Resort, LOT 201 Williams Ave Eurong, Fraser Island QLD 4581.

*Passengers must arrive by 6pm night prior to the departure to the Island to attend a compulsory pre-tour briefing held at KB’s Noosa Bar at Nomads Noosa Backpackers

Pricing options

$529.00 AUD  Nomads Fraser Island Tour 3d/2n 4wd self-drive departing Noosa & 2 Nights at Noosa.

$509.00 AUD – Nomads Fraser Island Tours – 3d/2n 4WD self-drive departing Noosa (no pre & post accommodation in Noosa)

Trip Highlights

Enjoy an amazing Fraser Island tour with Nomads Fraser tours camping option. If you have a bit of time on your hands and want to see all there is to see on the largest sand island in the world, this is the tour for you! 



So what to bring on this cool Fraser Island adventure? Pack a small backpack with your camera, a valid current drivers licence (for those who want to drive), your sunscreen, insect repellent, a hat, appropriate clothing, toiletries, linen (also available for hire) and snacks.


Our safari tents are all 4 share and are all equipped with foam camping mattresses and pillows. We provide linen hire for $20 & when you return the linen packs (Sleeping bag and pillow case – WINTER / Sheets and pillow case – SUMMER) after the tour we will refund you $10. For campers we offer exclusive Male and Female shower blocks. Please bring your own towel and soap.


  • 2xnt accommodation dorm (6 share en-suite dorm) OR Tipi (5 share) at Eurong Resort
  • 4WD Vehicle hire
  • Professional and knowledgeable guide
  • Safety briefing held at Nomads Noosa the night prior to the departure
  • Meals while on the Island (Day 1 – lunch, dinner, Day 2 – breakfast, lunch, dinner, Day 3 – Breakfast)
  • Return ferry transfer to the Island
  • Fuel
  • National park fees
  • Exclusive post tour party at KB’s Bar
  • Breakfast : Some
  • Lunch : All
  • Dinner : Some

Experience the thrill of driving around the World Heritage listed island in a 4WD for 3 days, and exploring all of the natural beauty it has to offer. Cruise around 75 Mile Beach, which is actually the island’s official road! Enjoy bushwalks, refreshing swims at Eli Creek, Lake McKenzie, Lake Wabby and Champagne Pools and the stunning views from Indian Head. 

This awesome Fraser Island tour includes 2 nights camping on Fraser Island, a compulsory safety briefing held at Noosa KB’s Bar the day prior to departure, free luggage storage while you’re on the tour, the return ferry transfers and the service of a knowledgeable and professional guide. Accommodation is camping, we have permanent safari tents at Eurong Resort on Fraser Island and all of your meals are included while you’re on the island are included. On top of that, an exclusive post tour party will be waiting for your group upon return to Noosa at the famous KB’s Bar! Pre and post tour accommodation in Noosa is not included but for a small fee you can add up to three nights in Nomads Noosa!

If you want to make the most out of your tour, and learn a bit more about the island there is the option of booking you into the lead car with one of the guides. You’ll get a fully guided experience and get to know all about the island’s history, fauna, flora and much more! (Please note that this option is subject to availability and you need to notify us ahead of time). 

What’s included :

  • 2xnt accommodation dorm  ( 6 share en-suite dorm ) OR camping (  5 share ) at Eurong Resort
  • 4WD Vehicle hire
  • Professional and knowledgeable guide
  • Safety briefing held at Nomads Noosa the night prior to the departure
  • Meals while on the Island  (Day 1 – lunch, dinner, Day 2 – breakfast, lunch, dinner, Day 3 – Breakfast and lunch)
  • Fuel
  • Return ferry transfer to the Island
  • Local fees
  • Exclusive post tour party at KB’s Bar
Vehicle specifications
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 80 series
  • 8 passengers per vehicle
  • 4 vehicles per convoy
  • Comfortable and safe for the best experience



Pre-tour briefing

  • Prior to your amazing Fraser Island tour you must attend our compulsory pre-tour safety briefing held at KB’s Noosa Bar at 6:00pm the day before the tour’s departure. Those who want to drive, must be a minimum of 21 years of age, must be currently holding a valid drivers license and have the ability to drive a manual car. Refundable Insurance cash deposit of $250 per person must be paid, refunded in full provided the vehicle is returned un-damaged, or you can pay a non-refundable $10 excess reduction fee.
  • EVERY PASSENGER participating in the tour regardless whether they’re eligible to drive or not will be required to pay $250 refundable* cash bond OR $10 non-refundable excess reduction fee.
  • Drivers must be a min of 21yrs of age, hold a valid driver’s licence (photocopied licences will not be accepted) and have over 2 years of driving experience.
  • *$250 cash bond will be refunded provided the vehicle has been returned undamaged. 
Luggage Limit
  • Small backpack.
Age Recommendation:
  • 18-100 yrs
Age Restriction
  • 18 yrs to participate and 21 yrs for drivers
Fitness Requirement
  • Nil
Group Size
  • 24-24
Trip Length
  • 3 Days and 2 Nights 


  • $250 per person fully refundable cash bond to be collected in Rainbow Beach on the way to the Island. The bond will be fully refunded provided the vehicle has been returned un-damaged. Please ensure you have $250 in cash as there is no ATM available at Rainbow Beach. Alternatively you can pay $10 non-refundable excess reduction fee instead. Optional – $10 linen hire per person per trip 

When you arrive in beautiful Noosa, check in at our amazing Nomads Noosa Hostel, located at 44 Noosa Drive, Noosa. Don’t forget to arrive before 6PM as your compulsory pre-tour safety briefing will be held at Nomads KB’s Bar at this time! You’ll get to meet your fellow travelers and get to know more about the awesome Fraser Island tour you’ll be doing! This safety briefing will include driving tips, do’s and don’ts and the drivers will fill in liability and insurance forms at this time as well. After the briefing, it’s time to pack your small backpack, so you’re all set for your early start the next morning! 

Stay overnight at Nomads Noosa/Camp overnight at Eurong Resort on Fraser Island / Camp overnight at Eurong Resort on Fraser Island
DAY 1 –  The day is finally here, the first day of your awesome Fraser Island adventure with Nomads! We’ll depart from Noosa nice & early at 7:30am. After we get your luggage in storage, you’ll be heading towards Rainbow Beach where you’ll be arriving after a 1.5-2hr drive. The refundable insurance cash deposit of $250 per person will be collected at this time, refunded in full provided the vehicle is returned un-damaged, or you can pay a non-refundable $10 excess reduction fee. We stop here for a quick coffee break and look-around, collect our food and the 4WD’s and that’s it: we’re on our way to amazing Fraser Island. We take the ferry from Rainbow Beach and land at Hook Point on the Southern tip of Fraser Island approximately 10 min later. Depending on the weather, and the tide your guide will assess whether it is safe to travel on the beach or if we need to select an alternative route to our next destination– Eurong Resort where we have a break and some lunch (delicious sandwiches). After lunch we head inland through some amazing rainforest where we can see some of the island’s unique flora and hopefully spot some wildlife too!  Our destination for the afternoon is Lake McKenzie, famous for its clear blue water and sandy beach, covering more than 150 hectares and five meters in depth.  We then drive back through the rainforest on the way to our accommodation at Eurong Resort, where we’ll be arriving in the late afternoon. After a refreshing shower, it’s dinner time!
Stay overnight at Eurong Resort on Fraser Island / Camp overnight at Eurong Resort on Fraser Island
DAY 2 – Your second day means another early start so you get to make the most of your time on the island! After breakfast (continental style breakfast – cereal, toasts, spread, tea& coffee), we drive up to stunning Eli Creek, the largest freshwater creek on the Eastern Coast of the Island , which carves its way through to the beach and pours 80 million litres of water a day into the Pacific Ocean!  After spending some quality time here, we’ll be heading up to the famous Maheno Shipwreck.  The Maheno was driven ashore on Fraser Island during a cyclone in 1935 and provides you with some awesome photo opportunities. Next up, we continue north past the Coloured Sands comprising of 72 different colours of sand. After a lunch stop (wraps) and a break we continue driving up to Indian Head. Indian Head is a large rocky headland, which is great for shark spotting and stunning views over the island! After taking in the breathtaking scenery, we’ll head over to our final stop of the day: Champagne Pools . This is a popular swimming hole with the ocean crashing over the rocks into shallow sandy pools. After an action-packed day we head back to our accommodation at Eurong Resort!
Stay overnight at Eurong Resort on Fraser Island / Camp overnight at Eurong Resort on Fraser Island
DAY 3  Sadly, it’s our last day on the island already! Today, after breakfast we travel to Lake Wabby , the deepest lake on the Island (11.4 m !)  The walk to and from Lake Wabby is an adventure itself as you find yourself up close to nature and experience the beauty of Hammerstone Sandblow.  After lunch, it’s time to leave the island at approximately 2:30pm. A brief stop at Rainbow Beach before driving back to Noosa arriving at around 5pm, just in time for your exclusive post-tour party at KB’s bar with a drink and nibbles! An amazing end to an amazing trip!
Stay overnight at Nomads Noosa (optional)
T&C: Changes permitted up to 7 days prior departure. Cancellations 7 days and less prior departure and no-shows will incur 100% cancellation fee. Itinerary subject to change due to tidal and weather conditions 

The Dingoes Of Fraser Island


Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world, world heritage listed and stretching over 100km along the southern coast of Queensland. A place of exceptional beauty, with long uninterrupted white beaches flanked by strikingly coloured sand cliffs. The island has over 100 freshwater lakes, some tea-coloured and others clear and blue all ringed by white sandy beaches. Ancient rainforests grow in sand along the banks of fast-flowing, crystal-clear creeks.

Fraser Island is a precious part of Australia’s natural and cultural heritage, it is protected for all to appreciate and enjoy.

Fraser Island is the only place in the world where tall rainforests are found growing on sand dunes at elevations of over 200 metres. The low “wallum” heaths on the island are of particular evolutionary and ecological significance, and provide magnificent wildflower displays in spring and summer.

The immense sand blows and cliffs of coloured sands are part of the longest and most complete age sequence of coastal dune systems in the world and they are still evolving. They are a continuous record of climatic and sea level changes over the last 700 000 years. The highest dunes on the island reach up to 240 metres above sea level. The Great Sandy Strait, separating Fraser Island from the mainland, is listed by the Convention on Wetlands of International Importance (Ramsar Convention). The wetlands include: rare patterned ferns; mangrove colonies; sea-grass beds; and up to 40,000 migratory shorebirds. Rare, vulnerable or endangered species include dugongs, turtles, Illidge’s ant-blue butterflies and eastern curlews.


At 500km south of the Tropic of Capricorn, Fraser Island has a hot and humid climate but is cooled by sea breezes. Its summer maximum average temperature is only 30 degrees C, although the summer months have some extremely hot days. Winters are mild, with average temperatures of around 15 degrees C. This is usually the dry season and most winter days are sunny and frost free, making for a very pleasant climate. People with fair skins need to be wary when out in the midday sunshine since unprotected skin can burn in a few minutes. Hats, cool clothing that protects from the sun, sunscreen and common sense are essentials to enjoying Fraser Island summers.


  • Lake MacKenzie – the jewel of Fraser Island, Lake MacKenzie is a large perched lake with crystal blue waters and white sands. The area is one of the most popular on the island so can get crowded during the middle of the day in peak season. There are toilet facilities and an enclosed picnic area – no food or drink is to be consumed outside of this area in an attempt not to attract dingoes.
  • Lake Wabby – a green colored barrage lake approximately 45 minutes walk from the beach, with a large sand blow that is slowly encroaching upon the lake. Freshwater turtles and catfish can sometimes be seen swimming in the lake. The path to the lake will split with only 100m difference between the two however the slightly longer way takes you over a sand dune. This split is well marked. If you take the one way into the lake over the sand dune you will be walking down the sand dune – much easier than up the sand dune. On the way out, walk along the lake with the lake on your right and you will see the second path at the edge of the lake taking you through the rainforest. Walking through the sand dune can get quite hot during the summer and it’s a good idea to bring water along. Locals bring bodyboards to slide off the sand dune into the lake. Do not run into the lake off the sand and attempt to dive. Many people get seriously hurt and even paralyzed trying to do this every year. The only toilet facilities available are at the beginning of the walk in.
  • Indian Head – the rocky outcrop at the northern end of the main beach. Climb to the top to look down into the ocean and spot sharks, rays, turtles and dolphins. Beautiful outlook.
  • Champagne Pools – north of Indian Heads, these rock pools provide a safe place to bathe in sea water. Their name is derived from the froth created when waves break over the edge and into the pools.
  • Eli Creek – a freshwater creek midway along the main beach where bathers can float or walk down with the slow current. The water in the creek can vary quickly but does not get above waist height of an adult 5’9″. The deeper parts can usually be avoided by walking on the other side of the creek. A boardwalk provides access to the top of the creek. It is an easy walk both on the boardwalk and through the water.
  • Maheno shipwreck. The SS Maheno had been a passenger steamer, travelling between New Zealand and Australia and used by the NZ Navy as a hospital ship during World War one. The Maheno was retired and, in 1935, the SS Maheno was being towed to Japan for scrapping when a cyclone off the coast forced it ashore. The wreck of the Maheno sits a few km north of Eli Creek. 
  • One of the best ways to see Fraser Island is to hire a 4WD and explore at your leisure. 
  • Accommodation options range from basic cabins to 4 star resorts. 
  • Another popular option is camping on the beach or at inland campgrounds – most vehicle hire companies also hire camping gear. 
  • If time permits you should allow at least three days to discover the wonderful sights of Fraser. 
  • To ensure quality of service it is recommended to hire from a company that is a current member of the Fraser Coast 4X4 Hire Association.


Fraser Island Map

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